• March 2013 Newsletter – Green VEIL’s and Spring

    Published March 7, 2013 in category Newsletter

    Hello Friends,

    bottle VEIL with wine VEIL setWow! We can't believe that spring is almost here.  We're gearing up for St. Patrick's Day and busting out the green wine VEILs.  But this year we are super excited to have green bottle VEILs right by their side.  The Magnum set makes the perfect gift for any hostess!  Check it out:

    Here's how it works when you order the MAGNUM set:

    1. Select your favorite bottle of wine
    2. Slip the wine into the bottle VEIL
    3. Present the beautifully dressed bottle of wine along with the matching wine VEIL packaged set to your delighted recipient.

    Ta-da!  You're a gift giving master.  Whether you're drinking green beer or a glass of sauvignon blanc, bringing a unique and beautiful hostess gift never goes out of style.

    In the spirit of St. Paddy's our recipe this month is – Irish (duh).  WARNING:  Recipe ahead may cause drooling …

    Chocolate Stout Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting