• Flies are gross! Actually, they’re seriously ICKY!!!

    Published June 16, 2011 in category wine VEIL

    prevent flies in your wine with wine VEIL

    wine VEIL keeps this critter out of your wine!

    Here at wine VEIL we always care about keeping the flying, blowing and falling out of your wine.  We feel as though we equip you with the means to defend your finest from the trickiest of intruders.  But, we’ve been doing our research and discovered that fruit flies are particularly nasty.  Being that it’s bug season, check out this excerpt from an article by Mary Baker at Experts Town:

    Do fruit flies ruin the taste of wine?

    Indeed they do. And quickly.  If you find a fruit fly in your glass, fish it out or dump the wine immediately.  Aside from the unpleasant prospect of swallowing a bug, the alcohol in the wine softens the fly’s body and it releases a nasty-smelling enzyme into the wine.

    If you have never recognized the smell of drosophila melanogaster, just pour 2 oz. of wine into a glass, set it out, and wait for the little buggers to fall in. While they are drowning, pour another 2 oz. into a fresh glass.  Smell and taste the fresh glass.  Then smell the drosophila glass.  Once you learn to detect that aroma, you will know it anywhere.  I can smell one fly in a bottle of wine, in the dark.

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